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Donate Goods

A Unique Way to Make an Impact at Signature!

In these difficult economic times, it’s understandable that not everyone can make an outright gift of cash. As a thriving 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we have ongoing office supply and production needs and appreciate the gift of everything from computers, furniture in pristine condition, office supplies, vintage clothing, and more! Every little bit helps make a difference, and offsets Signature’s operating costs.

Don’t know what to donate? Signature’s top wish list is outlined below.

You can have these items shipped to Signature Theatre’s Development Office at 4200 Campbell Avenue, Arlington, VA 22206 or hand-deliver them to Signature so we can thank you in person! We will send you a letter acknowledging your donation for your tax records. All gifts in-kind are fully tax-deductible at the fair market value of the item.

If you are interested in learning more about what in-kind gifts can be accepted, please contact the Development Coordinator at 571 527 1828 or Due to limited storage space, not all items can be accepted, so please contact Development if you are considering donating any item that is not listed below.

Thank You for your unique support of Signature!

Signature’s Wish List

Please click on the item name below to be linked to a detailed description

Gifts for Under $100

Staple “Gun” for the Scene Shop*
Sets have to be put up and taken down quickly, but remain sturdy throughout a 6 to 8 week run of performances – what’s the secret? Staples! Drop off your new or slightly used staple guns (1″ Narrow or Medium Crown). Heavy-duty staples are also welcome!

Optical Computer Mouse (Quantity 5)
Roller ball mice are a thing of the past! Keep our computer operations up-to-date and free of pesky lint by donating your new or used optical mice. Multiple items will be readily accepted!

Copy Paper for Scripts
Each actor, designer, assistant, and technician needs a copy of every script we do – and some, like the Stage Management team, need more than one copy. Help keep us ahead of the demand by donating reams and cases of paper – it’s a little thing that makes a big difference.

Manila Folders to Archive Sheet Music and Files
Storing 20 years of scripts and sheet music saves Signature money and time by keeping things on site for quick reference. Help us stay organized by dropping off file folders of all sizes and colors. New and slightly used folders accepted!

Printer and Copier Ink
Signature uses cartons of printer ink each year for designs, scripts, and other presentation materials – and on a multitude of printers. Please help us defray this cost by donating your un-needed ink! Dispose of a printer recently and still have leftover ink? Check the below list and see if we match:

Miscellaneous Office Supplies
While the office supplies mentioned above are in greatest demand, we also welcome other assorted office supplies from or from your own collection! We always need pens, pencils, post-its, paper clips, Scotch tape, binder clips (of all sizes), and 8.5×11 colored paper.

Gifts from $100 to $500

Wardrobes/Closeted Shelving for the Costume Shop (5-7 pieces)
Our Costume department is always busy – whether it is outfitting two shows simultaneously or prepping for our next big musical, a need for easy storage is crucial to our success. Please consider donating new or gently used armoires/closeted shelving that can be easily locked. This will be used for storage for wardrobe supplies, as well as a place for our actors to stash their current costumes.

Mirror for the Costume Shop
Any new or gently used floor-length mirror would be greatly appreciated for the Costume department for actor fittings.

Finish Nailer for the Scene and Prop Shop*
Put the finishing touches on Signature’s set and furniture items by donating a new or like-new Finish Nailer (16 Gage, 2-1/2″).

17″ Flat Screen Monitor (Quantity 3)
Help our employees make more room on their desks with these space saving computer monitors. If you’ve recently upgraded your monitor, drop your old monitor off and you’ll receive a donation receipt that can help you save money on taxes. Multiple items will be readily accepted!

Compound Miter Saw for the Scene Shop*
If you have ever installed crown molding, you know how tricky it can be without the right tools! Help our carpenters cut those tricky angles quickly and easily with a heavy-duty double-bevel compound miter saw.

Laminator for Front of House Displays
Help our signage last and last by donating a new or slightly-used laminator like the one linked above. Our house managers will thank you!

Gifts from $500 to $1,000

Floor Drill Press for the Scene Shop*
Drop off a new or slightly used floor drill press in good condition and our carpenters will be over the moon!

Dell Optiplex Computers
In business these days, it seems like you can never have too many computers – and theatre is no exception! Drop off your new or used machines that meet the minimum requirements: Windows XP Professional or Windows 7 Professional Operating System, 2.1 GHZ or greater processor, 2GB or more RAM and get a donation receipt that can help you on your taxes.

Digital Camera
Help Signature capture all those special moments, great events, and production photos with a new digital camera to share between our Education, Artistic, and Communications and Marketing Departments. A top-of-the-line Nikon D3000 saves Signature the expense of hiring professional photographers.  Or send us your like-new digital camera of 5 megapixels or greater.

NeatDesk Scanner
This compact scanner is a “digital filing cabinet,” complete with software that plucks out important keywords and auto-fills them in on forms. Our Production and Business teams use these to keep important records and contracts up to date and stored electronically!


Gifts from $1,000 +

Table Saw for the Scene Shop*
A big-ticket item that will make a big impact! Enhance Signature’s ability to construct its sets with the #1 Power Tool in any Scene Shop – a new Table Saw.

VectorWorks Licenses for PC (2 pieces)
Ever wonder what software designers use to draw up scenic and lighting designs? Signature uses VectorWorks, one of two of the most popular AutoCAD drafting programs. Licenses for this amazing software are expensive. Help offset the cost by donating one today.

Band Saw for the Scene Shop*
One of the most versatile saws in any scene shop, the band saw is a one-stop tool – by just changing the blades, you can cut anything from wood to metal pipes, straight lines to curves. Donate a like-new floor standing band saw like the model linked above and the carpenters will be singing your praises!

Wood Shaper for the Scene Shop*
Our MAX and ARK Theatres are so intimate that you can see every detail on the set from any seat in the house. Help the hardworking folks in the scene shop with their fine detailed work by donating an industrial Wood Shaper.

*For safety reasons only heavy-duty new or used power tools in pristine condition will be accepted. Please use the item links to ensure that your item meets the minimum requirements. We appreciate your understanding.*