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  • On sale: September 27
  • Pride: November 15
  • Student Night: November 8
  • Discussion: November 6 & 19

Runs approximately 90 minutes. No intermission.

The World Premiere

From the writers of Nevermore comes a poignant original musical.

Crossing explores the interwoven stories of eight people from different decades of the past century who come together at a train station. Some are waiting for the train, others are waiting for visitors, a few are just…waiting. All of them are searching – for hopes and dreams, for new beginnings, for answers. As their stories are brought to musical life in the train station, the characters discover that, while every life is different, the journey is always the same. With music ranging from gospel to pop to rock, Crossing unites the musical eras through the souls who lived them.

“Matt Conner will be heard of many times in the future.”


Crossing trailer

“Choose your own adventure” Video! Just click on a box to watch exclusive interviews with the cast.
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Meet Ines

A behind-the-scenes look at rehearsal


“After the Rain”

“Lovely Day”

“Follow the Drinking Gourd” 

“Bed and Breakfast”

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